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ImaGimmeGibbey Songs for the Fall – Track #7 “High Winds” | 2014 | Music | Comments (2)

2 Responses to “ImaGimmeGibbey Songs for the Fall – Track #7 “High Winds””

  1. Joseph Turcotte says:

    I know that I said I’d leave you alone, but things are really messed up. With nobody to support me, as it usually is, I end up running into a lot of people that are socially engineering situations. Atheists have ensured that my account is suspended as soon as I reopen it. Meanwhile, you’re helping other people, and don’t want to talk to me. I didn’t want to talk to you for a while either, because it’s really horrible that you just left me for thinking that it’s disgusting for you to be with an old man.

    Why can’t anyone show the same respect for me that they show for others. Other people don’t like this guy. A lot of the people you hang out with are proven Satanists (@JustJen33 and @Raincutter) and pedophiles (@Raincutter and @TheSoufulEMU), so why won’t you help me? I need help, Sarah. I need somebody to appreciate me. I’ve appreciated you.

  2. Joseph Turcotte says:

    You break my heart with this stuff. It’s not okay.

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